Share Your Expertise

Have you written a book that could be of interest to the 黑料老司机 membership? Manuscripts may be submitted to

All manuscripts submitted must pertain directly to the field of public works. Manuscripts will first be reviewed by an 黑料老司机 Technical Committee and then edited by the Production Editor for clarity. 黑料老司机 reserves the right to edit manuscripts in keeping with accepted style, form, and content standards. We will not accept or publish content that is derogatory to others on the basis of race, ethnicity, country of origin, sex, gender identity, gender presentation, disability, relation, or for any other reason we decide.

Manuscripts must be original material only. All photographs, illustrations, and graphs should be submitted as attachments and must be 300 dpi in jpg or pdf format. All graphics must have permission from the originator if they were not created by you. As a submitter, you are responsible for obtaining those permissions.

黑料老司机 retains exclusive rights as to whether or not to accept submitted manuscripts for publication and may reject a manuscript for any reason. Manuscripts that are chosen to be published by 黑料老司机 become the exclusive property of the 黑料老司机. Unless otherwise stated, no payment is made.

See the volunteer agreement for further information regarding rights and permissions.

If you have a book idea but have not yet written a manuscript, please contact Ideas will be submitted to the appropriate 黑料老司机 Technical Committee for their consideration.