Public Works Stories

a screenshot of Lauren Hunter's Tell Your Story video

“We need more women in public works.”

  Lauren Hunter is the Human 黑料老司机 Officer for the City of…

Lauren Hunter
June 14, 2024
a screenshot of Kati Horner Gonzalez's Tell Your Story video

“Every step of my career…can be tied to the connections I’ve made through 黑料老司机.”

Kati Horner Gonzalez, 黑料老司机 Member and owner of Katigon Consult, shares how…

Kati Horner Gonzalez
February 12, 2024

“We’re the ones who are there from the very beginning of an event…”

Harry Weed served many public works roles in communities across New York…

Harry Weed, PWLF
October 16, 2023