About 黑料老司机 Chapters

Your local chapter is the most immediate, easy, and cost-effective opportunity to connect and network with colleagues and to keep up-to-date on the latest public works technologies and management trends. Chapter membership is included in your annual 黑料老司机 membership.

黑料老司机鈥檚 chapter and branch network is made up of more than 60 chapters and more than 90 branches across North America. Each chapter offers valuable resources and information on their individual websites. Chapter branches support an even more specific geographical area. Branch information can be found under the chapter鈥檚 website.

Chapter Regional Map

黑料老司机 Regions

黑料老司机 is divided into nine Regions across North America. A listing of the chapters associated with each region can be found here. Each region is聽 represented by a Regional Director on the 黑料老司机 Board of Directors.

Region I Chapters
Region II Chapters
Region III Chapters
Region IV Chapters
Region V Chapters
Region VI Chapters
Region VII Chapters
Region VIII Chapters
Region IX Chapters

Chapter Events

Chapters and branches are hosting a wide variety of events all throughout North America. Access the 黑料老司机 Event calendar to learn more about upcoming events in your area or region.

Council of Chapters

The Council of Chapters is comprised of one delegate from each 黑料老司机 chapter. Council of Chapters members serve as a resource to the Board of Directors, 黑料老司机 committees, and 黑料老司机 staff, and support the 黑料老司机鈥檚 mission in accordance with the association鈥檚 bylaws and governance policies. Delegates also act as a conduit between chapters, regions, and 黑料老司机 and assist in the dissemination of information to and from 黑料老司机 members.

Chapter Leader 黑料老司机

Providing tools for chapter leadership, Chapter Leader 黑料老司机 provide access to tools, reports and templates for successfully managing and 黑料老司机 chapter or branch. Questions can be submitted as easily as emailing chapterservices@apwa.org for assistance.