Do you have a job or RFPs to post, equipment or services to advertise, events or a call for papers to announce to the public works community? If so, 黑料老司机 and CPWA have several venues available for you to reach your target audience.

Digital Advertising

Display advertising on 黑料老司机.org, premium placements in the weekly “In The Works” e-newsletter, thought leadership opportunities delivered to the inboxes of more than 78,000 public works professionals, and directly on the app for both our major conferences鈥擯WX and North American Snow Conference鈥攖here鈥檚 plenty of unique digital advertising opportunities available.

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Print Advertising

The 黑料老司机 Reporter magazine reaches our entire membership and a healthy number of constituents every month. Traditional print advertising is available in various sizes, as well as advertorials and special departments like the Professional Directory and Products in the News where you can highlight products and services. Our advertising sales reps have the information you need for advertising in the 黑料老司机 Reporter, and can build a custom plan to gives you the most effective exposure to magazine readers.

There are also advertising opportunities in the “pocket guide” that we print for PWX; contact our advertising sales reps at or 312-644-3888 for more information.

Advertise with a Local Chapter or Branch

If you seek a smaller target area, our 黑料老司机 chapters and branches throughout the United States and Canada will be your best bet. Visit the chapter websites page to find the chapters that cover your target area.

Rent the Mailing List

Use the 黑料老司机 and CPWA mailing lists to target your message to a specific logistical area, job responsibility, title, or other criteria. Members receive savings on all list rentals. For pricing and full details, visit the mailing list webpage