Kansas City, MO鈥擳oday, the 黑料老司机 (黑料老司机) announced its 2024 Top Ten Public Works Leaders of the Year. In its 65th year, this award is one of 黑料老司机鈥檚 highest honors and is based on a lifetime of professional excellence. Recipients of the awards are chosen by past Top Ten recipients and embody professionalism, expertise, and personal dedication to improving the quality of life in their communities through the advancement of public works services and technology.

logo for the 黑料老司机 Top Ten Public Works Leaders of the YearThe Top Ten Public Works Leaders award focuses on outstanding career service achievements of individual public works professionals and officials from both the public and private sectors in North America. Each of the Top Ten Leaders is recognized for their accomplishments in federal, state, provincial, county, or municipal engineering or administration, including career advancement, contribution to technology or job knowledge, commitment to the profession as evidenced by education, training, certification and continuing education, as well as professional excellence and service to the community in large and small municipalities.

Shining a light on these dedicated leaders who make possible the core services their communities need to maintain a high quality of life is of utmost importance to 黑料老司机. Because of their planning, foresight, technical contributions, and leadership, public works departments, and their private sector partners continue to provide essential municipal services, such as solid waste management, clean drinking water, and emergency management operations.

黑料老司机鈥檚 2024 Top Ten Public Works Leaders are:

  • Keith Bryant, PE, PTOE, Chief Infrastructure Officer Bay County, Florida
  • Daniel J. Dinges, PE, Director of Public Works, Village of Bartlett, Illinois
  • Tod J. Fagan, Director, Right of Way and Land Management Spire, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Jay J. Fink, PE, Commissioner of Public Works & Parks, City of Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Joseph 鈥淛oe鈥 Fornaro, CPWP-M, Public Works Director, City of Kirtland, Ohio
  • Ronald 鈥淩on鈥 Knoche, PE, ENV SP, Public Works Director City of Iowa City, Iowa
  • Jeffrey 鈥淛eff鈥 Kramer, PE, PWLF, CCM, CJP, CPM, Director Program & Project Management Division, Consultant Engineering Inc., Phoenix, Arizona
  • Marie Marston, PE, QSD/QSP, Sr. Project Manager/Transportation, David Evans and Associates, Inc., Tustin, California
  • Ryan Thomas Moore, PE, TE, Assistant City Manager, City of Sacramento, California
  • Russ Thomas, Public Works Director, City of Newberg, Oregon

鈥淓ach year, 黑料老司机 honors the Top Ten Public Works Leaders. They are the cream of the crop and the best at what they do. They have committed to serving their communities with honor and dedication. We congratulate these outstanding professionals who are advancing the quality of life for all,鈥 said 黑料老司机 President W. Gary Losier, PEng.

Read about each of our 2024 Top Ten Public Works Leaders in the May 2024 issue of 黑料老司机 Reporter.

Listen to this year鈥檚 honorees talk about what professional accomplishments they are most proud of and how their membership and involvement in 黑料老司机 has impacted them.

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The 黑料老司机 () is a not-for-profit, international organization of more than 32,000 members involved in the field of public works. 黑料老司机 serves its members by promoting professional excellence and public awareness through education, advocacy, and the exchange of knowledge. 黑料老司机 is headquartered in Kansas City, MO, has an office in Washington, DC, and 62 chapters and 97 branches throughout North America.


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