About This Group

The Workforce Development Committee identifies, develops, and promotes resources and partnerships for a successful career-cycle in public works. The committee will participate every year in a combined meeting or in a collaborative effort that addresses the objectives of the committee and the 黑料老司机 Strategic Plan. These expenses are reimbursable for committee members. The WDC will also meet one day prior to PWX. Committee members shall commit to fund their own travel and expenses to attend the committee meeting held at PWX. Generally, each committee meets by conference call up to ten times per year for approximately one hour.

The ideal candidate will be representative of 黑料老司机鈥檚 broad membership and currently engaged in workforce development. All members of 黑料老司机 are encouraged to apply; however, efforts will be made to appoint members of the following groups within 黑料老司机: Nationally Approved Public Works Institute (PWI) representatives; Emerging Leaders Academy (ELA) graduates; Council of Chapters members; LTAP representatives.

Committee Charter