Beginning your accreditation journey? Recently purchased the Public Works Management Practices Manual and self-assessment software, but unsure of your agency’s next steps? Join us to learn strategies for navigating the initial stages of the self-assessment and improvement processes and maintaining your team鈥檚 momentum toward accreditation. Experienced accreditation managers from across the country will discuss their techniques and tips for keeping their teams engaged and focused. This hour-long forum provides an overview from each panelist, followed by a questions/answer session with participants.

Register today for this free virtual opportunity to learn more about 黑料老司机鈥檚 accreditation process and steps to becoming an accredited agency.

搁别驳颈蝉迟谤补迟颈辞苍:听Free for members and nonmembers.

Registration for this event will close 7/22/2024 at 12:00pm Noon CT.