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Kristina Hausmanis
Sustainability and Resiliency Committee Chair

Resilient infrastructure, systems, and communities are those that can withstand and recover from shocks and stressors, no matter their cause. 鈥淩esilience鈥 is a term that has taken on great importance due to the recent extreme weather events and geopolitical uncertainties we are experiencing worldwide. As public works professionals, we plan, design, build, and maintain critical infrastructure to serve our communities. So, how do we plan, build, and re-build in the context of this uncertainty so that our infrastructure (roads, water, garbage, housing, etc.) continues to function effectively and equitably to preserve essential services during times of crisis?

This month鈥檚 Focus on Sustainability and Resiliency takes a deeper dive into 鈥淩esilience鈥 as the former C4S (Center for Sustainability) committee has now expanded its scope to include resilience as a critical component of infrastructure planning and management. Read about how other cities are incorporating resilience into their governance, learn about successes from the San Diego and Imperial Counties Chapter sustainability seminar, and make sure to join us at our May 16 Click, Listen, and Learn, Building Sustainable and Resilient Communities, where we will hear from FEMA about their tools, guidance, and resources for building resilient communities.

The Sustainability and Resiliency Committee also encourages the use of tools such as Envision, which have been designed to help infrastructure stakeholders implement more sustainable projects and encourage you to register for the May 13 Envision Sustainability Professional (ENV SP) Training.

The committee is dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and building resilient infrastructure within the public works sector. If you are passionate about sustainability and resiliency in public works and are interested in joining our Knowledge Team, please email education@apwa.org.



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The purpose of the Certified Stormwater Manager (CSM) credential is to promote excellence and commitment to public service by advancing the knowledge and practice of stormwater management to benefit the community, public agencies, and the profession.